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Broker Bond Claim

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What is a Freight Broker Bond
In the United States, freight broker surety bonds are required by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) to move property such as household goods or freight and motor cargo (vehicles). Their role is to guarantee that freight brokers and auto transport brokers will operate according to their agreements with shippers and motor carriers. If a freight broker or auto transport broker does not comply with their contract, the carrier or the shipper may file a claim.

The three parties to the agreement are:

Principal: the freight broker / auto transport broker
Obligee: the party requiring the bond (FMCSA)
Surety: the surety company
A freight broker bond is also known as a BMC-84 surety bond, trucking surety bond, transportation broker surety bond, or property broker bond. FMCSA uses the term "property broker" instead of freight broker.
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